Creating one Request for all portfolio companies - even with different KPIs

How to create one request that can be used to ask for different information from your portfolio companies

First, make sure that your Metrics are assigned to the appropriate companies from within your metric infrastructure by following these instructions.

When you build your Request, select all the metrics for all your companies that you want to include in this Request. Even if you want to ask for certain metrics from certain companies, ensure that all metrics you'll be asking for from your portfolio companies are selected. 

In the Content section of the request builder, you'll add all metrics you want to request from all companies. Metrics that have been assigned to only certain companies (when setting up your metric infrastructure) will show an emblem to the right of the metric (as shown below).

Hover to the right of the metric to see if a metric has been applied to only certain companies. Only the metrics that have been assigned to the company will be shown when they receive the request.

Double-check that your request looks correct by opening a preview and sending yourself a test email on the final page. 

Open the preview for a specific company. In the example below, cash burn is not shown - even though it was added as a metric above when the Request was being created - because it was not assigned to this specific company in the metric infrastructure.

 Please let us know if you have additional questions!