How to change the schedule of a Request

Editing your Request schedule

To change the schedule of a Request, navigate to the respective Request and click Edit request.

Within the Request edit, navigate to Schedule in the left side pane. Within the Schedule section, you can easily change the due date, frequency, or notification schedule for Request (whether it's active or paused). Press Save to save your changes.


Editing a Current Request

A Request is considered "Current" as soon as the first notification is sent. It will remain "Current" until the first reminder of the next period's Request goes out.

When you're editing a Request due date, you're editing both the "Current" and future Request dates.

Note: If you want to edit the "Next" Request iteration due date, please reach out to our support team for assistance.


How does changing the Request due date affect the metric reporting period?

The due date of the Request determines the metric reporting period included in a Request.

For example, if you have a quarterly request that is set to collect the three previous months of data which are April, May, and June. If you change the due date from July 28th to August 2nd, the reporting period will shift from April, May, June to May, June, July. This is because the Request due date moved back a month so the reporting period also shifted a month.

How does changing the next due date affect the notification email reminders?

It's important to note that changing the due date automatically changes the dates of the notification email reminders that will be sent out for your Requests. It's a good idea to take a look at the preview for the notification emails to understand when your companies will be notified.

For example, if the 7 days before reminder has already been sent out, and you push back the due date further in the future, a new 7-day out reminder will be sent to your companies 7 days before the new due date.

How does changing the date affect my companies if the first notification has already been sent out?

If your companies have already received an automatic email reminder and you change the due date, the links for the open Requests remain the same. However, any future email notifications your companies receive will denote the new due date at the top.

How does changing the due date affect future recurring Requests?

When you change the due date of the Current Request, you are also updating the schedule for all future Requests as well.

Before changing the due date, you will be shown a preview of how this affects the next Request due date.

Tip: If it looks like your companies need more time to complete the Request, try sending them one-off reminders instead of pushing out the due date. Your companies can submit a completed Request at any point after the due date.