Commenting on Fundraising Pipelines (Alpha)

Commenting on Fundraising Pipelines (Alpha) To explain the functionality of commenting on fundraising pipelines

To enable commenting on your fundraising pipeline, first reach out to the Visible team. We will enable the feature for you.

Commenting will enable anyone you share your pipeline with to comment on investors. The best place to start after the feature is enabled is to turn on Link sharing and Allow comments within your pipeline


From here, you can share your link with anyone in your network (or fellow team member) who might be able to help with an intro (or collaborate on your pipeline).


Anyone who has your link can access your pipeline


By clicking into an investor, those with the link can post a comment


Comments can be viewed from your Fundraising pipeline


From here you can click into your investors and view any commenting!


You will also receive email notification when there is a new comment!


Please let us know if you have questions or want access to this feature!