How to create a Custom contact property?

Instructions on how to create a custom contact property. These fields will apply to every contact you upload into Visible.

To create a customized contact property, first navigate to your Visible web app and navigate to Contacts in the bottom left. Then, click on Custom properties in the top right next to 'New contact'.

From here, you can add custom properties as you wish by entering a name of the New property, the type of the field, and clicking Add property. Types of new properties include:

  • Single-line text
  • Multi-line text
  • Single select
  • Number, Currency
  • Percent
  • Url
  • Date

Once you have created a new custom property. You can go in and update existing contacts to hold these values. Additionally, when you go to create a new contact, you will be able to input values for these custom properties upon creation.

See the screenshots below for a more thorough step by step process!


Navigate to Visible and click Contacts in the bottom left


Select Custom properties in the top right


Add properties that are helpful


Create contacts with custom properties


Update existing contacts to store custom properties. Click Save contact when you're done


These custom contact properties should help you to store more information about your contacts within Visible.

Please let us know if you have feedback or have questions!