How to set up a custom Deck domain?

How to set your own custom domain to host your Decks

When sharing your pitch deck with Visible, you may want to set up a custom domain so it matches your companies. (E.g.

Before we begin

  • This functionality requires our Scale Plan. For more information on pricing plans, visit our Pricing Page.

  • Customizing DNS Settings can be technical in nature. Feel free to share this article with the right person on your team!

To do so, click the Settings section in your left side navigation as shown below:


From here, click Deck settings.


You will be prompted to set a subdomain you would like to use. A couple of popular options are:



  • series[X]


  • etc.


Enter your domain and click Save

We then prompt you to validate with your DNS provider. To do so, create the CNAME with your DNS provider alongside the subdomain. Click Validate and you will be on your way:


As you likely know, DNS settings and providers can be more art than science. Contact us if you have any issues verifying. It can take up to 48 hours to propagate and verify but we typically find it should be live within the hour. See an example of the success message below


It is important to note that deliverability when enabling a custom domain depends on your own reputation with email providers. Please let us know if you have any additional questions!