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[Email Template] Inviting companies to their (optional) Visible for Companies account

Inviting companies to their free Visible for Companies account

Hi All,

This is a reminder that since [Fund Name] is using Visible.vc for our portfolio data collection, you have free access to the Starter plan of their product for startup founders. It allows you to track your metrics, complete requests, communicate with investors through updates, and manage contacts. For more information on the founder product, check out this one-pager.

Outside of the features listed above, you can always upgrade your account to get features like:

  • A Fundraising CRM that integrates with Visible's Investor Database

  • Pitch Deck sharing feature

  • Dashboards to track and monitor your KPIs

  • Integrations to pull in data from other software you’re using

If you’re interested in having free access to the Starter plan of their tool, let me know and I can invite you. Additionally, if you'd like to get more out of their software and upgrade to a higher plan, you can upgrade at any time.

If you have any Visible-specific questions or want help getting your account set up, you can reach out to Visible's Founder Success Manager at Michael@visible.vc.