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How can my portfolio companies use Visible?

Companies do not need to create an account with Visible in order to complete a Request from you -- but they can if they want to.

We've designed Visible to be the most founder-friendly investor reporting tool on the market. This means providing companies with options for how they want to share data with investors. We've outlined three different ways companies can share structured data with investors who are using Visible to collect their portfolio data:

1)  Responding to an investor Request without creating an account

2) Responding to investor Requests through a free Visible for Companies account

3) Responding to investor Requests through a paid Visible for Companies account.

1) Companies can respond to investor Requests without creating an account

When you send out a Request it will land in your companies' email inboxes.

From there, companies select Get Started to begin their reporting.

This is a link-based form that does not save automatically and is intended to be completed in one sitting for privacy and security reasons.

2) Companies can respond to investor Requests through a free Visible for Companies account

Companies can get access to the Lite plan of Visible for Companies by being invited to join Visible by an investor with a paid investor account. Read How to Invite my Companies to Visible for more information.

Here are some benefits for companies who choose to create an account and are associated with an investor also using Visible:

  • Companies can share data with investors by syncing metrics

  • Companies can save progress as they go

  • Companies can collaborate with team members to complete Requests

  • Companies get access to a Fundraising CRM, dashboards, pitch deck sharing, and a suite of other founder-specific features

Note: If one of your companies already has an account with Visible but wants access to a free or discounted version available to them, Visible can manually make this change for you. Please contact your Visible Account Executive to request this change.

3) Companies can respond to investor Requests through a paid Visible for Companies account

Once you're connected to a Company, the company can choose to upgrade from the free Lite plan to the Pro or Scale version of Visible for Companies. Nothing will change from your investor account if the company decides to upgrade.

Your companies may also have access to a discount of 90% off for 6 months. Reach out to your Account Advisor at Visible for more details.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions!