How to set up a metric alert on your Investor account

Set-up metric alerts to get notified when a company's metric meets a certain criteria

Metric alerts is a helpful tool to let you know if you should step in to provide more hands-on support to a company or congratulate them on their success. Either way, metric alerts enables you to be a successful hands-on investor.

This is an advanced feature that is available to only certain customer plans. If you have access to the metric alert feature, you will find it by going to the Metrics section at the bottom left of your screen. If the feature is turned on, you will see Metrics Alerts next to it.

To set up a metric alert, click the Metric alerts button and then select + New Alert.

From the editing page, you will be able to name the alert, create the alert type, select the company & metric you want to create an alert for, and choose who will receive an email notification when an alert is triggered.

Recommended alerts:

  • Fixed Number: Runway < 6 months

  • Percentage change: Revenue % change of 40%

  • Compare to metric: Revenue > Expenses

Please let us know if you have any additional questions!