LP Fundraising Pipelines - For Investors

How to create and customize your fundraising pipeline stages in Visible

Quick Navigation 

1. Creating a New Pipeline

2. Managing Pipeline Stages 

3. Creating Custom Properties 

Creating a New Pipeline

To create your first fundraising pipeline click Fundraising along the left side of your Visible account. If you don't see this on your account please get in touch with your Visible account manager. 

Next, click + New Pipeline in the top right.

You will be prompted to name your fundraising pipeline and set your target $$ fund amount you are looking to fundraise. You will then have the default view of a fundraising pipeline.

Managing Stages

To customize your pipeline stages, select the three dots in the top right of your header and then select Manage Stages

From here you'll be able to move, rename, and delete pipeline stage names. 


Custom Pipeline Properties

To add or edit custom properties associated with investors within your pipeline head to your fundraising homepage. Then select 'custom properties' at the top. 

From there you will be able to create and edit custom properties that display on the investor contact cards within your pipeline. 


Note: Fundraising features are not available on all plans. Get in touch with your Visible account manager if you'd like to explore fundraising pipelines.