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Getting started with sharing data and adding new users

Articles for sharing and distributing your data to your stakeholders.

Once you have your data centralized it's time to share that data with the right stakeholders at the right time.

There are three primary ways to get your data out of Visible and into the hands of your stakeholders:

Sending Investor Updates

Responding to data Requests from Investors 

Sharing links to dashboards

When sharing both dashboards and Updates we suggest getting started in the "Lists" section of your entity. Contact lists are great for building segmented audiences for your different Updates and dashboards. They allow you to send updates to different groups of stakeholders (investors, internal teams, board, clients, etc.) all without having to invite them to Visible (note: sharing a dashboard will require the person to create a free Visible account to view the respective dashboard(s))

In turn - we will give you engagement stats for both dashboards and Updates. Quickly see what stakeholders are opening, clicking, and viewing your data. 

Below is a set of articles and resources that will help get started with sharing and adding new user:

If you have any further questions or need a hand getting started with your data distribution - feel free to write in using the messenger in the bottom right corner of this window or shoot us a message to support@visible.vc