How an investor can resubscribe to your Updates

Did an investor accidentally unsubscribe from receiving your Updates? This article will give directions on how they can resubscribe

You might see that an investor has unsubscribed from your Updates.

For an investor to resubscribe to your updates, they will want to locate a past update in their email that you have sent them. Click on Unsubscribe from Visible along the bottom of the email. From there, they will be redirected to a new link. On this screen they will want to click Resubscribe. 

Now they will receive your updates in their email inbox. It is probably helpful to note that you cannot send an update to the same contact twice. So it might be best to duplicate the sent update and send to this contact individually for them to receive your most recent investor update

See screenshots of this process below

Locate a previously received update


Click Unsubscribe from Visible


Click Resubscribe


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