How do I attach a file to an Update?

Instructions on attaching a file within your update.

To add a file to an Update, you will want to open Visible. Click into Updates along the right side of your screen. Open the update you wish to add the charts to. When constructing the draft you will see options to add content options. You will want to choose File. From here, you can drag and drop or select a file from your desktop and add it to an update.

Most all file types (.pdf, .xls, .doc, and .csv) will be supported

See screenshots below for a step by step process

Open Visible


Click on Updates along the left side of your screen


Open the update you wish to add charts to


Notice the different content adding options


Click File icon


Click Edit chart


Drag and drop or upload your file


Finish drafting and sending your update!


Please reach out to our team if you have questionsQ