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How do I export my metrics and data?

How do I export my metrics and data? Exporting all of your metrics and data points to .csv.

To export your companies data you will want to click the Settings Gear in the bottom left followed by Data Export and then Export.

We will generate an export link for you. Note: For security reasons the file will only be available for 30 minutes after selecting Export). Your file will immediately download in a CSV format. 

The data will be exported in a pivot-table-friendly format. Below is a quick pivot table tutorial. You can also reference guides for Excel and Google Sheets.

Highlight all of the columns you wish to include in your pivot table and then select Pivot Table


You can completely customize your pivot table report. Here is one example:

  • Metric Data as Column

  • Rows as Metric Data

  • Metric Actual Value as Values

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