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How to invite companies to join Visible for Companies

Giving your companies free access to Visible

Visible is designed so that companies do not have to create a Visible account in order to share data with an Investor. However, you may decide to grant your companies access to the Starter plan of Visible for Companies to give them access to startup-specific perks.

Reasons you may want to invite your companies to Visible include:

  1. You want to give your companies free access to the Visible for Companies Starter Plan so they have access to features like Updates, Requests, and Custom Metrics

  2. You want your companies to be able to seamlessly share data with you

  3. You want your companies to get the most out of the data they report to you and be able to share it with all of their investors and stakeholders using Updates

  4. You want your companies to be able to collaborate on their responses to Requests and save progress as they go


The content below includes:

How to Bulk Invite Your Companies to Visible

How to Invite a Single Company to Visible

How to Bulk Invite Your Companies to Visible

First, navigate to the Portfolio section in the top left of your window. Then, select the three dots next to New company and click on Manage company invites

From here, you'll be able to simply click Invite for any companies you'd like to invite to Visible. You can also select all companies by clicking on Invite companies, located beneath the search bar.

Note: If you have multiple points of contact associated with a company, only the primary point of contact can accept the invite and create the free account. They will then be able to invite other team members to the account.

From this screen, you're also able to toggle between companies that (1) have accepted invites, (2) have invites pending, and (3) have not been invited yet.

Once you invite a company, they will receive the below email.

Your companies may also qualify for 90% off for 6 months on Lite, Pro, or Scale plans. Get in touch with your Investor Success Manager to learn more.

How to Invite a Single Company to Visible

To invite a single company to Visible, navigate to their company profile.

From there, select Invite to Visible.


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