How do I use mail merge in Updates?

This article will help you to add contact properties like an investors first name into your update.

Mail merge tags allow you automatically enter in the First name, Last name, Email addresses, and any other custom properties for any of your Visible contacts in an Update.

For this example, we want to customize our greeting to say "Hey [First_Name]." Open Visible and click into the update where you wish to use mail merge. You will select the text you wish to pull in a merge. Notice other formatting options. Click the tag on the far right option. Set the fall back value if you don't have a saved property for that contact. Click the check mark to set the fallback value.


See screenshots of the process below

Open your Visible Update and select the text where you wish to add the mail merge 


Notice other formatting options


Choose the tag as the far right option


Notice you can also pull in other custom contact properties


Choose First name, set fall back value, and click the check mark 


This will pull in your investors first names to personalize your updates.

Please let us know if you have questions!