How does Visible compare to...?

Stacking Visible up against potential competitors and other solutions

Compare to Dashboarding and Business Intelligence tools
There are a few key differences between Visible and Business Intelligence Tools. While we do have a simple business intelligence layer and customizable dashboards, our main focus is centralizing, adding context, and sharing your data to your stakeholders in a clean and beautiful format. We're not focused on data explorating rather data reporting. 

Anyone that can use a spreadsheet can use Visible! You don't need to know SQL, R or other programming languages.

Compare to cap table tools
Visible no longer offers a cap table tool and differ from those tools in the fact that Visible focuses on sharing KPIs and other day to day metrics with your stakeholders (investors, team, clients, etc.).

Compare to Managed Data Services
While Hockeystick generally focuses on private equity and venture capital reporting Visible generally focuses on company stakeholder reporting (internal, team, clients, etc.). With this being said we do have great options for investors and VCs looking to use Visible for their portfolio's reporting needs.