How to add a table to an update

Instructions on adding tables to your update.

To add a table to your Update, you will want to open Visible. Click into Updates along the right side of your screen. Open the update you wish to add the table to. When constructing the draft you will see options to add content options. You will want to choose Table. From here, the chart builder will open for your automatically. You can either add an existing table or build a new chart directly on your update draft.

See screenshots below for a step by step process

Open Visible


Click on Updates along the left side of your screen


Open the update you wish to add charts to


Notice the different content adding options


Click Table


This will open the table builder automatically


You can add an existing table from your dashboard


Or create a new table from your data sources on the update draft.


Bring in your table and customize formatting


Click Done in the top right


Finish drafting and sending your update!


Please reach out to our team if you have question re: adding content and sending updates!