How to add company Metrics to a Tear Sheet

Visualizing Metric data in a Tear Sheet

Click the Tear Sheet on the left side panel to open the Template Builder.

Hover your mouse over an open section in the Tear Sheet. You'll see the content editing pane appear. Using the pane, click Chart or Table (the right-most options) to visualize your data.

Creating a chart

To create a Chart, click the chart icon. You can customize Chart type, Color, and Display Period. Click Add chart to finish adding the chart to your Tear Sheet.  

Note: You can change the size of the chart with the two icons in the top left of the chart builder.

Creating a table

To visualize metrics in a table, select the table icon. Name your table by clicking the pencil icon. Click the check mark symbol after entering a name to save it.

Next, you can create the table title, select Metrics, and the reporting period.

Click the box to the left to pick a Metric. After picking a metric, you can adjust the time period by clicking the period.   

You can add additional rows or columns by clicking the three dots in top right corner.

To add insights, add a new column.

Please let us know if you have additional questions!