How to build a Tear Sheet

Summarizing and reporting individual company performance

Tear Sheets are a great way to summarize and report on individual company performance. Visible makes it easy for you to build multiple Tear Sheets (also known as One-Pagers) at once.

To start, navigate to the Tear sheets section on the left side of the screen. Click +New tear sheet to create a new Tear Sheet.

Start building the Tear Sheet template by giving it a name and designating the companies you would like to include. Click +Add companies to open the company window. Click the + next to each company you would like to add (or add by segment at the top). Then click Apply.

Click Create template after naming and adding companies to your Tear Sheet.

Once you've selected the companies you want to create a Tear Sheet for, you can begin creating the Tear Sheet template.

When building the components of your Tear Sheet, you'll have the option to make the blocks half- or full-page width. Use the square symbols located in the top left corner to adjust the size. You'll also be able to choose between the following block content types:

  • Text Block - Enter and format any text you choose.

    • Tip: You can hyperlink to websites or dashboards

  • Properties - Merge in any static property fields saved to your companies' profiles.

  • Charts - Visualize any of your companies' metric data

  • Table - Merge and organize any of your companies' metric data.

Note: Any content, regardless of type, that is added to a Tear Sheet template will be duplicated across all company Tear Sheets. Navigate to the company-specifc Tear Sheet to edit the content for a given content.

Once you have your Tear Sheet template customized, select Save Template at the top right. 

After you've created your template, you can navigate to company-specific Tear Sheets and edit them individually (making changes to a company-specific Tear Sheet will not impact other company Tear Sheets).

Click the three dots to edit a specific section of a Tear Sheet.

Below is an example of changing the color scheme of block within a Tear Sheet. Press Save after making any changes.

Please let us know if you have additional questions!