How to change the text size of your headers within an Update

This article will give context as to how to utilize markdowns to decrease the size of your header text

With Updates, you can utilize markdown to create different levels of header text. While the way to create a simple header is to select your text and choose the header formatting option. See screenshot below.


The other way to use headers is to utilize Markdowns. There are 6 levels of Header Markdowns supported in Visible to help you decrease your header text. The decrease in size of this text is created through a shortcut by typing '#' followed by your header text.

The fewer number of '#' you type before your text (range 1-6 #'s) the larger the heading text will be. For example, if you type '# Heading', it will be a bigger heading than typing '#### Heading'. Check out the proper markdown to use below: 

CleanShot 2022-11-03 at 13.05.48@2x

Note: Currently, we do not support full markdown syntax. Learn more about full markdown syntax here

See the screenshot below for different examples of header markdowns sizing 1-6


Please let us know if you would have any additional questions when drafting and formatting your Update!