How to check when a portfolio company was last notified about a Request

Viewing when a company received a Request email reminder notification

Visible makes it easy to tell when your portfolio company was last sent an email reminder notification for a Request. By default, Visible sends notification reminder emails at 11 am UTC / 6 am CST. Companies will only receive notifications based on the reminder schedule set in your request -- they are not automatically notified when added to a request. 

To check the last time a reminder notification was sent to a company, start by clicking the name of the Request within the Requests section of your account.


Next click the period of the Request you would like to check (you can also click the submitted responses section).

Finally, click the three dots to the right of a company's name to see the last time they were notified. 

From this page, you can also easily send a one-off reminder notification. Just click Send a reminder located beneath the details of the last reminder.

Please let us know if you have additional questions!