How do I connect a data source?

A resource to help those getting started with Visible connect a data source to build charts, tables, and Variance Reports

To connect a data source to your Visible account, start by opening Visible. From here, locate and click on Metrics in the bottom left hand corner. Then, click on + New data source in the top right. This will open up the 14 options you have for data integrations. We recommend starting with google sheets or your accounting software.

Click Connect of the data source you wish to connect. Typically, he data source will have you login/authenticate your account from here. This source will be able to be used to build charts and tables in your Visible account once properly connected!

See how-to's below for specific integrations:

See screenshots below for a more detailed explanation!

Open Visible


Click on Metrics in the bottom left


Click + New data source


Click Connect on the data source you'd like to integrate with


Then follow login flow/verification steps related to this data source.

We hope this helps as you are getting started with using Visible!

Please reach out with any questions you might have!