How to convert a convertible note to equity

Keeping your investment information up-to-date

To convert a convertible note to equity in Visible, navigate to the respective company's profile. Click the three dots to the far right of the convertible note investment entry followed by convert to equity


Input the details of the converting round. Click next when done.

If you invested in the converting round in addition to the note that is converting, select yes for "Did you participate in this round?". You will be asked to enter additional details. Click next when done.

On the final screen, input the price per share of the converting round, the convertible note price per share (this is the price at which your convertible note shares are converting), and the number of shares being converted. Click save when done.

The original convertible note entry will now show as converted, and a new entry for the equity conversion will be created after you finish adding the conversion details.

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