How to create a folder in your data room

This article should help show you how to create a folder within your data room

Folders will help you organize your files within your data room. All data rooms created will have a folder named General. To create a folder, open your data room and click the above were you see General and click Folder. Name your folder and click Add folder. This will create a new main folder that shows in your data room. To create a sub-folder, click on your folder and click + New in the top right and choose Folder.  Folders are able to hold any type of files that you choose. 


See screenshots below

Open your data room and click the next to the name of your data room and choose Folder


Name your folder and click Add folder


Click + New in the top right of your data room and choose Folder


This will create a sub-folder within your data room. Please let us know if you have any additional questions!