How to customize individual Request reminder messages

Tailoring your request message for a specific email reminder

All automatic email reminder messages sent to your portfolio companies will be the same by default.

However, to give you flexibility over how you remind your companies,  we enable you to customize the message associated with each reminder notification. Typical use cases for customizing the reminder notification include adding a more personal touch, creating a sense of urgency, or providing more detailed instructions to your portfolio company.

To create, change, or update the message associate with a reminder, navigate to the Request editor and select Schedule from the left side pane. Scroll to the Email reminders section and elect Email body. 

Clicking Email body opens a text field where you can customize your message. Press Save after you input your message.


  • When you send yourself a test email, Visible will show you the default custom message in the test.

  • Your companies will not receive the notification emails if they've already completed the Request.

Please let us know if you have additional questions!