How to export a Portfolio Report to Airtable

Extracting portfolio report data

Start by navigating to the portfolio reports section of your account and click the portfolio report you'd like to export.


Then click the export drop-down in the top right followed by Export to Airtable.


If this is the first time you've used the Airtable export, you'll need to grant Visible access to your Airtable. When prompted, choose +add a base


Select a base, then choose grant access


Once you've granted access, you can give the table a name. Click Export to Airtable to finish the export process.   Snipaste_2024-04-04_16-49-11

Click view report to see your data directly in your Airtable account.


Congrats, you've just exported your Visible Portfolio Report to Airtable!Snipaste_2024-04-04_16-51-21


  • Can you export rich text fields? Rich text fields are exported as plain text.
  • Is data automatically synced between Visible and Airtable? No, you'll need to re-export data.
  • How can I disconnect my Airtable account from Visible? This is done directly from your Airtable account. Navigate to your Airtable account, click your user icon in the top right of your account followed by integrations. Finally, click third-party integrations, select, then choose revoke access