How to integrate a Google Sheet to import data - for Investors

Syncing data using a Google Sheets integration

Investors sometimes integrate Google Sheets with their Visible accounts to give companies another option for sharing KPI data. Below is an overview of how to set up this integration within your account. 

To get started, make sure your Google Sheet is formatted correctly. For the integration to work properly, it is important to format your Google Sheet using the following criteria:

  1. Metric name -- for example, Revenue -- is located in column A
  2. Date is located in Row 1 and is formatted as a date (not text or number)

To set up the integration, navigate to the All Metrics section of your account and click New data source


Click the Google Sheets icon located in the Connect section. 


Pick the account you would like to integrate with Google. Then, Google will ask for permission to sync with Visible. Press Allow.

Once you've granted Google the necessary permission to sync with Visible, click Select a Spreadsheet.


Choose the spreadsheet you'd like to connect with Visible by clicking on the sheet name from the results list. Then click select


You will be prompted to select which tab to reference in your data import. Click the drop-down underneath Select a Sheet to pick the appropriate tab. Next, underneath the Dates - Row section, designate where your dates are located in the sheet. Do the same for Metric names - Column to choose where your metric names are located.

Press Save when complete.


Next, you'll be shown a list of all the metrics from the Google Sheet.


Finally, you'll assign the metrics to a specific company to finish importing the data to their profile. Navigate to your portfolio page and click the company's name followed by metrics.

Click the three dots next to Edit data followed by Link metrics from integrations. Note, if you have historical data already imported into a company profile when adding an integration, it will override the existing data. To prevent the old data from being overridden, copy and paste the old data into the Google Sheet you are linking to your account. 


After clicking into Link metrics from integrations, you will see a list of your different metrics. Click into the drop-down titled Link metric, select the sheet you would like to pull data from, and then select the metric to link. 


After linking a metric, you'll see a green icon next to the metric indicating that it's linked to a Google Sheet.

You have now successfully linked your metrics. 


Once the integration is set up, data will automatically be imported into your account. You can always add new data to your template so that your Visible account stays up-to-date. It's a good idea to not change the order of the metrics in the Google Sheet. If you do this, the system will prompt you to confirm this order change.

Please let us know if you have additional questions!