How to pin and unpin items to your sidebar

Keeping your account organized using the pin and unpin feature

To keep relevant items easily accessible, we've created a way for you to pin and unpin items to your sidebar. Once pinned, these items will always appear on the left sidebar.

To pin an item to your sidebar, navigate to the item (e.g. Update, Dashboard, Request, Tear Sheet, Report, etc.) you would like to pin and click the pin symbol located to the far right. This item will now be pinned moving forward. 

To unpin, follow the above directions and click the pin symbol again to deselect it. You can also unpin it directly from your sidebar by clicking the dot to the left of the name followed by Unpin from sidebar.

You can also easily adjust the view of your sidebar by collapsing and uncollapsing your pinned items. Click the arrow next to the section name to collapse the items.

The tear sheet section has now been collapsed. Click the arrow to the left of the name to uncollapse it.

Please let us know if you have additional questions!