How to re-open an already submitted Request

Re-opening a Request to ensure the proper data is submitted

Re-opening a Request is important because companies sometimes submit incorrect information and need to re-submit their data.

To re-open a Request for a company, navigate to the Portfolio section on the left pane of your screen. Then choose the company you want to re-open a Request for.

From within the company's profile, choose the Requests tab and identify the Request you want to re-open.

To make it easier to navigate the request for a company, you can filter in the top right-hand corner. Filter by Completed to see a list of only completed requests (you can only re-open a Request that has been previously completed). Next, select the Reopen button on the right side of the row.

Confirm you want to re-open the Request by clicking Proceed and Reopen request. Make sure you want to reopen the request, as re-opening a request for a company without a Visible account can result in data loss.

Your company will not be automatically notified the Request is re-opened. We suggest that you send an email reminder asking them to resubmit their information. You can easily do this from the same page by clicking the drop-down arrow that appears after re-opening the Request.

You can copy the URL of the Request from their profile and share it, or you can click Send a reminder.

Note: If you re-open a Request for a company without a Visible account, all previous data submitted for this Request will be erased.

If a company has a Visible account, the previously entered data will be in draft form and they will be able to edit and resubmit.

Please let us know if you have additional questions!