How to set a custom financial year end

This should give you directions on how to assign your data sources a custom financial year end. The default financial year end month will be December.

To set a custom financial year end, to open Visible. Click on Metrics in the bottom left of your screen. From here you will want to click into the data source and metric you wish to reflect your financial year end. You will want to click on Settings, then you can choose any month of the year to be your year end.

This article on changing your metrics settings might also be helpful.


See screenshots of this process below

Open Visible


Click into Metrics in the bottom left of your screen


Click into the data source you wish to reflect your custom year end


Click on Settings


Notice the different settings you can change for your metric


Click below Fiscal year end month


Choose the month your wish to be your new Fiscal year end month


Click Save towards the bottom of your screen


From here, your financial year end data will be reflected on your metric. Please let us know if you have any additional questions