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How to set up Google sign in

Steps on how to set up Google sign in from your existing Visible account

To connect your existing Visible account to your google account, therefore enabling Google sign in. To enable Google sign in, navigate to the sign in/sign up screen and click Continue with Google. Choose the account you wish to connect. Then, Confirm the account you want to connect to Visible. 

Note: The Google account should match your Visible account email address. 

It also is helpful to note that if you are a new user to Visible, simply follow the sign up flow and choose Google sign in for it to be your main avenue of signing in. If you are looking to disconnect your Google account. Check out this article.


See screenshots of the process below

Open sign in/sign up screen


Click Continue with Google


Click the account you wish to connect


Confirm you want to sign in with your Google account


If you are linking your existing Visible account, you will enter the password of your existing Google account and click Sign in to your account


Your credentials will be saved to log in with Google going forward


Please let us know if you have any additional questions!