How to set up pre-Request reminder alerts for you/your team

How to get notified before your Request is sent to your companies

We've designed a way for you to send recurring alerts to your internal team to ensure that your Request is up-to-date before your companies are notified to submit their information. The reminders go out to your internal team five days ahead of the first notification to your portfolio company. These reminders are a helpful tool to make sure any desired changes to the Request are made before your companies are notified that the Request is live.

To set-up the alerts, navigate to the Requests section on the left side pane. Next, select Edit Request for the Request that you want to create an alert for.

Within the Settings section, scroll to the Notifications section and turn on the toggle for Reminder schedule notifications.


Next, select Save to update this setting in your Request.

Please let us know if you have additional questions!