How to share a fund level dashboard

Sharing dashboards directly from Visible

It's easy to share portfolio-level dashboards directly from your Visible account. Start by navigating to the respective dashboard and clicking share in the top right of your screen.

From this screen, you have the ability to share by email or by link. 

To share by email, click the "to" field to see all of your contacts lists. Choose the relevant list, or manually type an email in the "to" section. Note, you do not need to press send to distribute the dashboard. As soon as you click the relevant list or enter an email, the recipient(s) will receive an email in their inbox.

You can see a list of who currently has access to the dashboard in the "who can view" section. Click the next to the name to remove access. 

You also have the ability to share a dashboard via a link. Toggle on link sharing, copy and paste the public link, and send the link to the relevant stakeholder. You can also toggle on password protection on this screen for an extra layer of security.


  1. At this time, it's only possible to share portfolio-level dashboards via email or link.
  2. The latest version of dashboards will always be accessible by someone who is provided access via email or link. Please allow 5-10 minutes for updates to sync.