How to track follow on rounds you don't participate in

Keeping your investment data up-to-date

Visible makes it easy to track follow on rounds in which you were not an investor. To get started, navigate to the respective company's profile and go to the Investments tab. Click +New investment to begin creating a follow on round you did not invest in.

Input a round name and investment date. Within the investment details, select no underneath "Did you participate in this investment round?".  

By indicating that you did not participate in the round, all investment fields specific to your funds are hidden (in other words, you are not able to enter "amount invested").

You are then able to enter all relevant financial details specific to the round (without associating them with one of your funds). Click save investment when finished entering the relevant details.

In the summary table, you'll see the ownership percentage and latest valuation fields updated based on the figures inputted in the follow on round details.

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