How to create and edit Portfolio Company Dashboards and Templates

Managing Portfolio Company Dashboards

To make it easy for you to manage your Dashboards, we've broken down this article into three sections: 

  1. Creating a Dashboard
  2. Saving a Dashboard as a template
  3. Editing a Dashboard

Creating a Dashboard

To create a dashboard for a portfolio company, navigate to the respective portfolio company and select Dashboards from inner left side pane. Once in this view, you'll see a list of your Dashboards. Click a Dashboard name to edit it, or click +New dashboard to create a new one.

After clicking +New dashboard, you'll be given the option to create a blank one or create one from a template. If you don't have any templates yet (or just want to create a new template), click +New blank dashboard. 

Start by naming your dashboard. Once named, you'll be given the option to customize it by adding charts, tables, or properties. When creating fields within your Dashboard, you can link directly to metrics you create, add insights, and add custom formatting.

Saving a Dashboard as a template

Once you've added charts, tables, and properties, you'll see the information summarized in your Dashboard. To save this dashboard as a template so it can be easily duplicated across other companies, click Save as template in the top right corner.

Name the template and choose Replace an existing template, or choose Save as a new template. Continue reading below to see how replace an existing template or save as a new template

Replacing an existing template

If you choose Replace an existing template, you'll pick the template you would like to replace from the drop-down. Then press Save.

Saving as a new template

If you choose to Save as a new template, you'll name it and press Save.

Finishing saving the template

After you've saved the dashboard as a template (either as a new template or replacing an old one), you'll have the option to apply it to your other companies. Press +Add companies to add companies, or choose Skip to do this at a later date. 

If you choose to add companies by clicking +Add companies, you'll be prompted with a list of your portfolio companies. Click + next to the name of a company to apply the template. Once finished, press Apply to save it.

Next, click Assign to finish applying the template. 

Note:  We do not overwrite any existing dashboards. This will update the template for new dashboards that are created from the template. 

Editing a Dashboard

Once you've got your dashboard created, you may want to change the layout or edit the existing content. To change the layout, click the three dots next to Save as template followed by Edit layout.

From here, hover your mouse over a section of the Dashboard and then click and hold to rearrange the sections within your Dashboard. To adjust the size of the section, click and hold over the diagonal arrow in the bottom right corner. Click Save layout when done.

To edit the content of a section within your Dashboard that you've already created, hover your mouse over the section. Click the three dots in the upper right corner followed by Edit.


  • What if I include a metric in a dashboard template that is only assigned to certain portfolio companies?

    • The chart will not display the respective portfolio metric. You can simply edit/delete the chart from the respective portfolio company.

  • What if I want to update all dashboards that are created from a specific dashboard template?

    • We recommend creating a new template and then assigning that to the respective companies.

Please let us know if you have additional questions!