How do I connect Profitwell?

Learn how to connect and set up your Profitwell account to Visible.


Profitwell is a free tool that provides SaaS metrics insights, helps reduce churn and optimizes pricing.

Our integration with ProfitWell allows you to sync 39 metrics to your Visible account:

  • Active Customers

  • Active Trialing Customers

  • Average Revenue per User

  • Churned Customers

  • Churned Customers Cancellations

  • Churned Customers Delinquent

  • Churned Recurring Revenue

  • Churned Recurring Revenue Cancellations

  • Churned Recurring Revenue Delinquent

  • Churned Trialing Customers

  • Converted Customers

  • Converted Recurring Revenue

  • Customer Conversion Rate

  • Customers Churn Cancellations Rate

  • Customers Churn Delinquent Rate

  • Customers Churn Rate

  • Customers Retention Rate

  • Downgrade Rate

  • Downgraded Customers

  • Downgraded Recurring Revenue

  • Existing Customers

  • Existing Recurring Revenue

  • Existing Trialing Customers

  • Growth Rate

  • Lifetime Value

  • New Customers

  • New Recurring Revenue

  • New Trialing Customers

  • Plan Change Rate

  • Reactivated Customers

  • Reactivated Recurring Revenue

  • Recurring Revenue

  • Revenue Churn Cancellations Rate

  • Revenue Churn Delinquent Rate

  • Revenue Churn Rate

  • Revenue Retention Rate

  • Upgrade Rate

  • Upgraded Customers

  • Upgraded Recurring Revenue

To connect to Profitwell select your Metrics tab in the sidebar and then click New Data Source in the top right. From here, click Profitwell as shown below: 

CleanShot 2022-09-14 at 09.37.54@2x

Once you click Connect to Profitwell you will be prompted to enter in your Private Token from ProfitWell.

CleanShot 2022-09-14 at 09.40.03@2x

To retrieve your Private Token head to ProfitWell and navigate as follows:

Settings -> Integrations -> API Keys/Dev Kit -> Show & Then Copy/Paste your Private Token back into the integration setup on Visible.

Once you click continue you will be able to search and select any of the various metrics you want to sync to Visible.