Update Email Rendering and Deliverability

Information about deliverability and updates sending

Email Rendering: If you find that Updates are failing to load images we first ask that you make sure your email client allows image rendering. We render any charts, images or files as image files in Visible Updates. This seems to be a common problem with Microsoft email clients. 

If email rendering issues still persist we ask that you email a screenshot of the update to support@visible.vc - Feel free to scrub the image of any sensitive information. 

Updates Not Being Delivered: First ask your recipients to check their Spam folder. Depending on the content in the Update it could have been flagged and sent to their folder. If it is not in Spam you can ask the recipient to whitelist emails from email@visible.vc to ensure deliverability. 

Please feel free to contact support@visible.vc with any issues related to email & Updates and we will make sure to handle immediately.