How do I add multiple contacts?

Directions for uploading multiple connections at a time. There are three ways to add contacts into Visible.

Uploading multiple contacts at once is a breeze. First head over to your Contacts section (you'll find this in the bottom left of your screen).

Once you are in the Contacts section, click the right dropdown area and select Add multiple contacts. It will look like this:


When the upload modal pops up you'll be able to copy & paste your contacts in as well as assign or create any respective Lists. Separate your contacts by a line break or a common. We use a fairly common syntax for the contact itself:


Click Create contacts to upload your contacts and wrap things up. We built this handy Google Sheet template where you can provide the name and email in Columns A-C and we'll provide Column D for you to paste in to Visible.


Please let us know if you have additional questions!