How to view your deck analytics

Details on analytics that you will see when using our deck sharing feature in Visible.

Understanding how different investors are interacting with your pitch deck can be valuable information when fundraising. To help with this, we surface a number of different analytics when sharing a pitch deck:


When viewing a deck, you'll see a series of stats as explained below:

  • Viewed — When the deck was viewed by a contact or individual

  • Downloads — If you have enabled recipients to download your deck, this will show the count

  • Time Spent — The total time a recipient viewed your deck during their session

  • Viewed Slides — The number of unique slides a recipient viewed during their session

As a note, each time a recipient views a deck it is counted as a separate visit to keep the data clean and understandable. For example, if Investor XYZ views the deck, closes it out, and views it again the next day, that will count as 2 separate visits.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions regarding decks!