What are the best practices for formatting a google sheet

This article should help with best practices when formatting a google sheet in addition to adding new metrics and data points

The most important thing to keep in mind when formatting a google sheet is that all metrics need to be date constrained. When integrating a sheet, you will be asked what row the dates are contained in and what column where the metric names are located. In this example google, dates are in row 1 and metric names are in column A. Once you have successfully integrated your sheet, you will probably need to add metrics or data points to your sheet. The best practice when adding a new metric would be to add it in the row below the rest. When adding a new data point, its best to add a new date in the date row to the right column of the existing data points.

See screenshots of this process below

Selecting the row of the dates and column of the metric names


1 would be the date row


A would be the metric name column


New metrics should be added below existing ones


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