What metrics should you include in an investor update

This article should help you when you are thinking about what metrics to include in your next investor update

Depending on the stage of your startup, we recommend sending weekly, monthly, or quarterly investor updates. They are a great way to keep your investors informed on how things are going. In these updates, it is always helpful to share upward trends of data. They want to see promising data that will build their confidence for a follow-on investment or see areas where they might be able to help. Often times, investors are most interest in seeing financial data.

The KPIs or metrics we would recommend founders track and share with their investors are:

  • Cash on hand
  • Cash burn (monthly)
  • Runway
  • Revenue
  • Headcount
  • A north star KPI (something that shows future revenue growth or traction.

We wrote this blog awhile back that will share with you how to chart those metrics in Visible.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions about bringing these into Visible or the best ways to share them with your investors. Our team is happy to help.