How do I add a Deck to my Update?

Instructions on adding a deck (any pdf document) to your Update

To include a deck in your investor update, you will want to open Visible and draft and update. Start by opening Visible. Clicking Updates along the left side of the screen. Click + New Update in the top right corner. Within the body of your update, click the + button and choose Deck (or type "/Deck"). 

This will allow you to chose an existing deck or upload a new one. Choose the deck you wish to upload to the update. This will now be included within your update. This article on how to upload a deck to Visible might also be helpful.

See screenshots below on this process

Open Visible


Choose Updates along the left side of your screen


Start a new update by clicking + New update in the top right


When in the body text, click the + button and choose the Deck icon


Click Choose an existing deck


Choose the deck you wish to upload


Your deck will now be included in your update!


Let our team know if you have any questions, we are happy to help!