How to complete an investor request via link

This article will show you how to complete an investor request via link (from your email)

When your investor sends a data request to you, you will receive an email in your inbox. To complete this request, navigate to your email inbox and open the email that contains the request. Click Get Started toward the bottom of the email. This will open a web page with the data request. 

Enter the corresponding data and click Submit. You will see a success screen and receive a confirmation in your email with a link for you to view your submitted request in app.

Note, responses do not save as you go when completing the request in the link-based form. This is to ensure data privacy and security so that information cannot be seen if the link was accidentally shared. To save progress as you go, you can submit and manage your request within the Visible app. See how to do this here.

See further directions below

Open your email inbox and locate the request


Open the request and click Get Started in the bottom right of your email


Input your data and click Submit


You will then see a success screen when successfully submitted


You will also receive a completion confirmation email


Let us know if you have any questions when submitting a data request. Our team is happy to help.