How to remove someone from viewing your data room

This article will help you to remove a contacts access from your data room

The most secure way to share your data room that you have created in Visible will be by sharing over email. The data room will only be shared with the persons email address and they will need a Visible account to login. After sharing, you can remove someones access by clicking on Sharing towards the bottom of your data room. Locating who you would like to remove and click Remove user. There will be a confirmation screen, click Remove again. You will then see a success screen.

It is important to note that you cannot block or remove a specific email address from viewing your data room. This would be for specifically when you have already shared your data room with a contact.


See directions with screenshots.

Open your Data room in Visible


Click Sharing toward the bottom of your data room


Locate the user you would like to remove access from and choose Remove user


Click Remove again when the confirmation screen appears


You will then see a success message


Let us know if you have any questions when building out and sharing your data room.