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How to update fair market value (FMV) for an investment

Keeping your investment analytics up-to-date with FMV

Investment multiples are calculated within Visible by dividing the most recent FMV by the total invested amount. We also use FMV to calculate other investment metrics such as unrealized gains/losses (calculated as the change in FMV).

To update FMV, navigate to the respective company and then click Investments from the left side pane. Next, click Edit FMV to edit the FMV for an investment.

From this view, select Add new value to add an updated FMV. A window will appear below the investment. Add the appropriate data and click the check mark to save the FMV. 

In this view, you can also override the current value (as opposed to adding a new, separate entry for FMV) by hovering your cursor to the right of the latest FMV, then clicking the Edit button. Click the check mark to save the value.  

Updating Multiple Values at Once

You also have the option to update multiple values at once if there is more than one investment entry. By selecting this option, Visible suggests a new share price for previous rounds. 

Once saved, this will update the multiple associated with this specific investment as well as any gains/losses in the summary table. You can see this updated multiple from the Investments section on the respective company's profile.

If you navigate to the Investments section located in the bottom left (where you can see an overview of investments for your entire portfolio), you will also see updated investment analytics. For example, combined multiple (i.e. the multiple inclusive of all investments) and unrealized FMV will now update based on the updated FMV.

Note: The dates associated with the change in the FMV will be reflected on the visualizations on your investment dashboard.

Please let us know if you have additional questions!