How to create a contact?

How to add a contact to Visible

To create a contact in Visible, navigate into Visible. Then, locate Contacts in the bottom left hand corner.

Once you click into Contacts, you will want to click + New contact in the top right. This will prompt you to enter an email address and click Create. After creating it, you can add the contacts: First name, Last name, Title, Lists, and any custom properties and they will autosave. 

You now have a contact you can send updates to!

Additionally, you can add multiple contacts at a time and upload contacts via CSV into Visible to streamline contact uploading


See below for screenshots this process

Open Visible and click Contacts in the bottom left of Visible


Select + New contact in the top right


Enter the email address and click Create


Enter other contact properties, these will autosave


Please reach out to our team if you have any questions!