Getting started with data sources

Steps for setting up integrations and getting your data into Visible.

Visible integrates with the applications you’re already using to track your core metrics. Easily pull all of your KPIs & data into Visible and start telling your story to the people that matter.

To get started, we suggest connecting one of our data sources (or inputting the metrics directly in Visible) directly and start centralizing your most vital data. 

We currently integrate with the tools below (click the link to learn how to connect each respective source):

You will be able to get started with any of our integrations from the "Data" section (instructions for individual sources above). 

For any of our integrations - we will automatically bring in new data on a nightly basis. From here, you can combine data from different sources to fully automate your stakeholder reporting. 

You can learn more about each of our integrations using this link

If you have any further questions or need a hand getting your integrations setup - feel free to write in using the messenger in the bottom right corner of this window or shoot us a message to