How to create Segment Metrics

Analyzing portfolio performance based on custom fields

Visible's company properties make it easy to track company information. The level of customization and flexibility means that you are able to track any field you'd like to for a portfolio company. Examples of commonly tracked company properties include investment stage, geography, deal lead, or sector. 

Company properties become even more powerful when used with segments, which enable you to analyze portfolio data filtered by these custom fields.

Once you've created segments in your account, you'll be able to create Segment metrics. Segment metrics allow you to find the average, sum, maximum, and minimum of any custom segment of your portfolio KPIs or investment data. 

Use cases for segment metrics include comparing returns across different sectors, analyzing trends in portfolio company KPIs by investment stage, or tracking portfolio company performance by deal lead.  

Creating a Segment Metric

To get started creating a Segment metric, navigate to the metrics section of your account. Then click Segment metrics from the inner left side pane followed by +New segment metric.

Click portfolio metric and then select the metric from the drop-down that you'd like to segment. Any portfolio metric can be used as input in a segment metric.

Once you've selected the metric, choose the appropriate aggregation for how you would like the segment data to be calculated. 

Finally, select the segment(s) you'd like to analyze. 

Once you're finished building the segment metric, you'll see a preview of the metric. Click create to finish building the segment metric.

Now that you've built your segment metric, you'll navigate to a portfolio dashboard to chart it. Add the segment metric to the chart or table by searching the name in the search bar or clicking on segment metrics. Click save once you've selected the relevant segment metric. 

Once you click save, you'll see the data populate the chart.

Congrats, you've just built a segment metric! Please let us know if you have additional questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you use formula metrics as inputs in segment metrics? No, only portfolio metrics can be used in segment metrics.
  • Are segment metrics dynamic? Yes, if you update a company's property or add an additional portfolio company with a specific property, the segment metric will update (along with any chart or table showing the segment metric).