How to partially exit an equity investment

Keeping exit details up-to-date

Visible makes it easy to track investment round details and fund metrics so you can stay on top of fund performance. To keep your investment metrics up-to-date, you'll want to reflect any exited investments in the app.  

To get started with adding a partial exit, navigate to the investments section on the respective company's profile. 


Then hover your cursor to the right of the investment entry and click the add exit icon.


Next, choose partial exit from the exit type drop-down menu. After you've chosen partial exit, you'll enter the exit date, price per share, and shares sold. You'll also see the remaining shares after the exit. 


Click save once finished entering the exit details. After you've finished saving the exit, you'll see the partial exit added to the round's details.


If you scroll to the right, you can see more details regarding the number of shares owned and sold along with the corresponding FMV values.


Congratulations, you've just added a partial exit! Please let us know if you have additional questions.