How to track Fund metrics

Monitoring fund performance in Visible

Visible makes it easy to track fund performance. Certain fund investment metrics are automatically calculated for you, while others are non-calculated and must be manually input into the platform. In order to track fund metrics, you'll first need to set up your funds and enter your investment data. Check out How to set up investment funds and how track investment rounds to learn more.

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Supported non-calculated Fund metrics

The metrics below are non-calculated metrics that are manually input into the platform. 

Manual, non-calculated fund metrics supported in Visible include: 

  • Expenses
  • Management fees
  • Distributions
  • Escrow
  • Carried interest
  • Capital called

How to update non-calculated Fund metrics

To update non-calculated fund metrics including expenses, management fees, distributions, escrow, carried interest, and capital called, navigate to the fund metrics section of your account by clicking metrics followed by fund metrics.

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Next, click the name of the relevant metric followed by +Add value. Enter the amount, date, any notes, and click Add when finished. Click fund metrics to navigate back to all fund metrics. 

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Any of the fund metrics can be used in visualizations throughout the platform. Check out How to visualize your fund data for more information.

Automatically calculated Fund metrics

Visible automatically calculates a number of investment metrics for you based on the investment rounds and non-calculated fund metrics you manually input. Check out Auto-calculated fund and company investment metric definitions to see an exhaustive list of auto-calculated fund metrics with definitions.

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